2-time champion and Cy Young winner Tim Lincecum throws another no-hitter .
San Diego Padres have just witnessed the 2nd no hitter thrown against them by Lincecum.
This should be a big momentum builder for the pitcher after a couple down seasons.
Even though he’s no longer mentioned with the top pictures in the league, he still manage to “wow” baseballs fans with outings such as today.

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Tyson Chandler is traded by the Knicks


Tyson Chandler with the addition of Raymond Felton has been trade to the Dallas Mavericks.
In return the Dallas Mavericks will receive Jose Calderon, Samuel Dalembert, two other players, and 2nd round picks.
This trade bring Tyson Chandler back to Dallas where he won a championship in 2011.
Being the first trade of the off-season, I’m looking forward to the excitement that it will bring.

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Geneva law enforcement has charged Wisconsin men with Murders.
Earlier this month the bodies of Laura Simonson and an unidentified women was found in a suitcase on the side of the road in Geneva, Wisconsin.
Today, 52 year old Steven Zelich was charged and taken into custody earlier today.
The Geneva police department is trying to find leads on the identity of the second victim.

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Man Dead!!! After falling into woodchipper!!!!




42 year old landscaper Hernan Gutierrez and two others was clearing brush when the unexpected happened.

He was decease before medical attention arrived to the scene.

There was an open investigation just to make sure there wasn’t any foul play.

As of now it just looks like an horrible accident.



Lebron James Opts out contract with the Heat!!!!!!



Lebron James, who is the greatest player in the world is opting out his contract with the Miami Heat.

After 4 years and 2 championships Lebron James has not just Miami fans optimistic about where he would land, but as well as the entire NBA.

Either if he stay or leaves Miami, the whole country will be watching.